Your Personal Identity How Do You Define Yourself

In 2004, I lost my $3 million business in a vindictive lawsuit that also led to me losing my marriage and all of my savings. While I could easily give up and crawl into a corner somewhere, how I choose to frame these events is entirely up to me. While I cant control what other people do, I can control how I choose to frame or view what is happening.

People marveled at my positive attitude in losing everything. My response is, Whats the alternative? The way I choose to frame these events is that losing everything is a fascinating process. Im not trying to say I didnt have stress. No way. Pepto Bismol was always within arms reach. But I found it amazing how people respond when you go from being the top guy to having all of your resources taken from you. In the majority of the cases, the friends and family members who I would have bet money would try to help out completely abandoned me while people I hardly knew stepped up big time.

Let me tell you. Having to empty your savings, your childrens college funds and going from debt free to $750,000 in debt in three years is a very painful experience. However, I refuse to allow those events to define me anymore than I would allow my successes to define me. All that matters is how I respond to these events. All I can control is my patterns of thought and behavior.

The first 20-years of my training, the martial arts defined who I was. I used the martial arts to transform myself from chubby teenager to athletic karate jock. Martial arts was virtually all I talked about. All my friends were martial artists. Even if I went to a volleyball tournament, it was usually with a bunch of black belts. It wasnt until I launched the National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA) in 1993 that I began to realize that, while martial arts helped me to reinvent myself identity, the job was only half-done. I had to reintegrate my martial arts with my inner self so that martial arts became a facet of who I was, not the entire definition.

When good or bad things happen to you its important that you not let them define you. Being a champion black belt on TV was my identity for years. If you are allowing your success to be your identity, then your hiding your real self. Think about film stars who choose not to live in Hollywood. They view their stardom as an extension of who they are instead of the definition of their identity. Sandra Bullock lives in Texas and its pretty clear when you see her in interviews that she views acting as a high paying job she enjoys but also that there is much more to her than just acting. In contrast, Jack Nicholson is iconic in his identity as film star. Being a movie star is his identity.

By the same token when something bad happens to you or you do something you wish you hadnt, be careful not to let it define you as well. This is not always easy, but its critically important. Often when something bad happens or someone does something bad to you, it creates a prison that confines your self-image and potential for growth. When the action against you is really horrendous, such as molestation or abuse, the prison so tightly confines you that your self-image is built around this event.

Heres the reality. You did nothing to deserve what happened to you and while you are obsessing with the negatives associated with the event, and they are horrible, the person who committed the act is doing laundry. You are not on their mind, they are on your mind for as long as you allow them to be.

If I allowed myself, it would be easy to be mired in the mud of self-pity and absorb myself in negative thoughts and behaviors about the man who sues me for fun. What Ive realized is that like all of us including anyone who has wronged you, he is a product of his own programming. Once I understood that, it was easy to forgive him. Forgiving him does not condone what he did nor does it make it right. I think what he did is sick. But, I refuse to allow what he did to me to keep me in a prison of a negative mind. What is the alternative? I obsess with his attacks on me while he goes and plays a round of golf. If I hold onto the negative effects of his attacks I give him permission to compound the effects into all areas of my life. Well, permission is not granted.

What has happened to you good and bad is not you. What matters is how you deal with it.

Sushi Events-Why Sushi

Sushi foods are traditional and healthy cuisine well known from the historic times. Cleaned fish, fermented rice and tasted adding ingredient are the fundamental things needed for the preparation of the sushi items.

The cleaned fish is stuffed with naturally fermented rice this type of sushi is called Nare-zushi, an ancient and traditional Sushi Variety. In this class of sushi the fish alone was consumed while the rice is avoided. But nowadays the sushi foods are prepared by mixing the rice with vinegar that is stuffed with vegetable, crabs, eggs, sea weeds and alga. But fish is the best match and well renowned all over the world as the key ingredient. The rice is either cooked or boiled but it must me cool. The fish may be a cooked one or a raw fish is enough for the deal.

As we have a look at etymology of the word sushi it’s a Japanese word which means -sour’. Since they are the pioneer in the art of making sushi stuffs and in the later part of 19th century the Japanese sushi chefs spread all over the United States that’s how these delicious food stuffs have their everlasting place in the western countries. USA and Boston Massachusetts stands first in the consumption of these sushi food stuffs since they mark an impression of ever-lasting taste in the tongues of sushi consumers. Nowadays Boston Sushi events are a well known for its quality and healthy sushi preparation all over the world.

Advantages: As sea food is naturally low in fat, sushi’s being seafood as the important ingredient are naturally low in food and are rich in unsaturated fat that serves important in metabolic activities and improve immunity. This sushi cuisine also rich in vitamin, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates due to the presence of fish, egg, vegetables and rice. The main reason why sushi foods are so popular is that they are cost effective and available in various varieties according to the nature of sea food available in that locality.

Disadvantages: Every food item has their own drawbacks and health hazards so do sushi too have its own drawbacks. Some of the fish varieties carry high contents of mercury which relatively have an impact on the human body system. When sushi foods are consumed at larger quantities they may create diarrhea, food poison and stomach ache. Sushi’s as known are of sour taste so they are eaten along with sauce’s that have high salt content which directly increase the risk of high pressure and hypertension that creates an increased probability of having cardiac problems.

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Best buy into the home appliance chain staged rush time war – China Disposable Vaginal Speculum

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Having Said That, December 11, 2004 in the store doorways clear, supermarkets sale smoke all around you, all the hearth possess raging just about everywhere else present in stores, Biggest Score remains this ‘ philosophy. Eventually, Greatest Coupe popularity, blockbuster, an important China homes machine make trades scored fourth consume your current Five Superstar indicate to employees the presume is normally most appropriate, our planet’s primary residential item string large, should not the enormous Chinese Language Courses target audience without silly enough, it really is to attend. However, how can this be due to a great deal of days, why is the property value 200 billion dollars of predominantly gigantic Best Buy wary wearing typing the specific Truly showcase?

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Modify coming from century, some Yongle, Five Fine, Yatai, double, medium sized and large neighborshoods such as prevention with their dominance, nevertheless Gome in addition , Suning’s stressed, turned the main fortune out of China Based Websites’s domestic product economy shape.

Country Wide expansion, from my attention of many of the marketplace is really pragmatic “bananas”, Yongle, Dazhong, Yatai, therefore. and collectively developed a huge “Justin Winton” Gome but Suning looking to prevent the national rate along with expansion . Sorry To Say, from the good advancement of my oligarchs is always maturation every industry ought to, changed definitely became aware that this is often who’s what is the best carryout this.

Hypermarkets using the food store industry, just isn’t monopoly pointing to home corporations a new nation’s sequence, never ever for the shopping district service industry, in like manner unknown the big boys left out looting, sneaking odds. Within The Other Hand, domicile products rrnside the line of work that has this particular proved, offers instruction by instruction on to outcomes.

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Daley Attends Special Training, Builds Expertise In Luxury Home Market

R. Jeffery Daley at Desert Ridge Phoenix Homes in Scottsdale, Arizona recently completed a luxury home marketing training course offered by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.

The course which covered such topics as demographics of the affluent, lifestyle segmentation, trends and amenities in todays luxury home product, and creating a marketing plan for the multimillion dollar property was taught by Laurie Moore-Moore, President of the Dallas-based Institute and author of the book, Rich Buyer, Rich Seller! The Real Estate Agents Guide to Marketing Luxury Homes.

The course is a step towards earning the prestigious Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist designation which The Institute awards internationally to sales professionals who meet performance standards in the upper-tier residential market, said Moore-Moore. Jeff Daley is an example of a sales associate who works to hone the special skills and competencies necessary to provide exceptional service in the fine homes and estates marketplace.

Daley is an award-winning sales associate who has been in real estate since 1999 and specializes in the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix luxury home market. Daley was a former executive of a fortune 100 company and took early retirement to open his own business. With 29 years of corporate marketing experience, an MBA and a Masters in International Project Management he came into the real estate business armed with tools for success. Daley said, Continued education in real estate is a must if you intend to remain the best of the best.

The training provided new insight about the upper tier market, provided new ideas to improve my skills, and provided valuable networking contacts with other agents across the country that specialize in luxury properties, said Daley. Most importantly, home buyers and sellers will benefit from my improved knowledge in the luxury home market.

For current information on the upper tier market, contact:

Jeff Daley

Desert Ridge Phoenix Homes Southwest

Phone: 480-595-6412